Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Golfing Gifts for Christmas 2013

Who wants what for Christmas? Who wants what to give the golfer in his/her life?

For years I’ve struggled with presents for my dad. It’s gardening, golf, jumpers and wine. That’s it. I tend to rotate… or at least I used to. He now has enough jumpers to rival Daniel O’Donnell, although they are somewhat more tasteful.
He’s 82 and he’s not the gardening demon that he once was.

That leaves wine and golf… so this year I’ve bought him a book on how to play golf drunk.

Here are five other golfing ideas:

1. Golf1Million
Sounds good, it is open to amateur golfers worldwide, has a $1,000,000 trophy as the prize (not to mention a paid-for trip to Las Vegas for the four day final) and it costs just €27. And for that, you get to give someone a top quality golf shirt… and a few dreams as well.

2. Swingbyte 2.0
A practice aid that combines your hard work with modern technology. You’re not going to improve overnight so pick up this brilliant gadget and you can watch your swing develop on your tablet/phone while you practise at the range. It is ideal for ensuring consistency in your swing and rhythm. It simply attaches to the shaft of your club and tells you everything you want to know about your swing.

Cost €149, from www.breakingpar.ie.

3. Optishot
Plug it in to your TV, load up the course and start playing golf on numerous courses around the world. You’ll have a special high-tec mat and tee and you get to swing fully and strike a foam ball… which then shows up on the screen. Warning check with the intended recipient’s other half that such a game is acceptable if you ever want to be invited around to the house again. Also, check the height of the ceiling - smashing plasterwork has been known to affect the swing.

Cost €499

4. Golfdotz
A fun idea that makes marking/identifying your ball that bit more charismatic. These transfers take 10 seconds to attach to the ball and – let’s be honest – they look cool. Whether it’s the Irish flag, a purple scorpion, a ladybird or simply numbers or letters, it’ll put a smile on someone’s face... whether it's you, your playing partner or the guy who's found it in the bushes.

Cost varies. A three-pack costs €15. Sole Irish distributor is www.breakingpar.ie

5. Hooked
Yes, unashamedly, I am plugging my book. And why not… no one else is going to do it for me. A perfect Christmas gift for any golfer who plays or wants to play golf in Ireland. I’ll even sign a copy for free! Available in all good book shops… because bad book shops don’t deserve it, apparently.

Cost €15

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  1. will be ordering some dotz for sure Kevin. Thought your book would have been #1, I have read quite a bit and its up there with the best!!