Friday, November 22, 2013

Golf1Million - Amateur Golf's First $1,000,000 Trophy

What would it feel like to stand over a three foot putt, knowing that if you – a mere amateur golfer – sink it a gold trophy worth $1,000,000 is yours? That’s one million dollars in case you doubt all those zeros. There is no other event in world sport with a trophy of this value.

It would be something else wouldn’t it! Not to mention being in Las Vegas, with cameras and hordes of spectators following your every stroke, your every step, your every nervous twitch. In these parts they call that pressure… the kind that the Woods and McIlroys of this world endure every week.

My question is – are you man enough?

If you answer ‘yes’ then there’s one very simple way to give yourself that opportunity. It’s called Golf1Million.

If your answer is no, then please carry on watching the box and simply pretend it’s you walking those glistening green fairways, staring down the greatest golfers in the game for a Major trophy. Wimp!

For the brave ones, here’s what you need to know:

Yes, there really is a trophy worth $1,000,000 for the winner.
No, it doesn’t contravene the Rules of Golf. The trophy is ‘symbolic’ and can therefore be of any value.
No, it won’t affect your amateur status.
Yes, it is open to every amateur golfer in the world, over the age of 18, with a registered golfing handicap.

And how, you ask, do I qualify for this event? Do I have to win numerous qualifying rounds? Do I have to travel to matches at my own expense? Do I have to play left-handed, in the dark, wearing heels?

Available in blue, black, red and white.
No, you simply buy one of Golf1Million’s limited edition shirts… for a mere €27. This is a quality golf shirt (in one of four colours) like any of the others you own except it comes with a unique code you must register on the website. Then you’re in a draw to win one of 50 places to Las Vegas to compete in the Grand Final, in September 2015. The 50 golfers (and partner) selected will be flown to and accommodated in Las Vegas for the duration of the event. The format will be strokeplay and matchplay, played over one of the top courses in Las Vegas.

While all 50 golfers will be ‘winners’, receiving a trip of a lifetime, there can be only one winner of the trophy. After four days of competition will you be the last man (or woman) standing?

When I first heard about this I thought it was a superb idea. I still do. Why should it always be the Pros who get to play for the kind of glory most of us just dream about? Now it’s our turn. To find out more, and to buy your shirt (or shirts – you can buy as many as you want), visit

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