Sunday, July 27, 2014

'Industry Guest' on Twitter's #IrishGolfDebate

The kind people (aka Paul) who host the Irish Golf Debate on Twitter have invited me on as the Industry Guest tomorrow night (Monday July 28th). No surprises, I'll be talking about Ireland's golf courses, those forgotten (or ignored) gems and I may get in a word or two about my new book. There will be a challenge too, so if you want to win a signed copy of Driving The Green, be sure to tune in between 10 and 10.30pm.

What's the challenge?...

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Once Bitten - Get Bitten Again

Who says golf isn't a dangerous sport? When you dunk all those balls in the lake, spare a thought for the diver you're sending in after them... especially if it's Stephen Martinez.

God love him... he doesn't exactly learn fast, does our Stephen. You see, he makes a living out of diving for golf balls. Sounds straightforward enough, but when you're collecting balls in Florida's lakes and ponds you have the added danger of alligators.

You'd think Stephen would know this... and maybe he did... but it didn't stop him getting attacked by an alligator in 2006. You'd think he might consider that a good reason to find a new profession. You'd think, at the very least, that he might identify ways to prevent it from happening again...

... apparently not!

On Wednesday last week, Stephen was diving at Bonaventure Country Club in Weston, Florida when a eight-foot alligator just snuck on him, grabbed him by the arm and took him for a swim.

If you want to read about the attack, the escape, how he probably should have lost an arm and how this is still not going to stop him diving for golf balls, here's the story.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Irish Open Weeks/Days 2014... Part 1

Views back up the course at Dunmurry Springs
Lots of them about - pretty much every place you look - and few better ways (or prices) to play many of Ireland's golf courses. And then there's the weather... take advantage while you can.

Here are three:
Dunmurry Springs
Lough Erne 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

McIlroy Refuses To Sign Autograph

Apparently this caused a Twitter storm. Apparently everyone and his mother now despise Northern Ireland's Golden Child. Apparently this follows Rory's 'brutal dumping' of Caroline Wozniacki.

Oh, the media love to turn mole hills into mountains. And these days the 'Public' get hysterical over a burnt slice of toast.

For those of you anti-Rory-ites who think the snubbed autograph was a travesty, here are five things to consider...

Irish Independent Weekend Magazine Article

As part of the promotion for my book 'Driving The Green', the Irish Independent asked me to write a piece on five of my favourite golf courses. It was for the Travel section of last Saturday's Weekend Magazine.

Choosing five is always tough and it seems so unfair on all the courses that don't get mentioned. If I asked you to list your top five golf courses, you'd list off five, then add another, think about it, mention another, groan because you'd left out that favourite course... and end up listing nine or ten. Don't believe me, then go ahead and try it.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Golf and Dealing with Back Pain

Following on from a recent guest post on staying motivated, here's another guest blog on how to deal with back pain. It's something many of us struggle with. 

Sure, we don't hit the ball or twist the body with the kind of force that Tiger Woods exerts, so, hopefully, none of us will ever need the back surgery he endured in March, but back pain of any description is likely to see you leaving your clubs in the car and and your feet up on the couch.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kingspan Concra Wood Open

This is the third staging of this
 Europro Tour event, returning once again to the glamorous and beautiful Concra Wood Golf Club, in Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan.

The tournament, which has become a fixture on the PGA Europro Tour, will run from July 23-25. It will be screened around the world via Sky Sports, but you can easily drive up to Castleblayney and enjoy some great golf and some of the best scenery in the country.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rosses Point - Co. Sligo's Open Week

Rosses Point Golf Club
The par three 4th has wicked fall-offs everywhere but
the back.
It's not always easy to play the best courses in Ireland - especially when they're links and they're so populated with American links enthusiasts. But, every now and again (year after year in this case), you get an Open Week that makes it possible... and makes the journey to  a distant town an essential part of your summer's golf. And when you throw in the €20-€30 green fee, you'd be mad not to pay a visit to Sligo town and the brilliance that is Rosses Point.