Sunday, January 29, 2017

Irish Golf Expo Feb 25 & 26... On Your Way!

Strandhill Golf Club
For many of us, the golf season hasn’t yet kicked in. The days are still too short, the frost, the temporary greens, the rain, the placing, the day of the week. Yes, fairweather golfers find any old excuse to avoid a round of golf. Bizarre, isn’t it when we claim to love this game of ours so much.

Well, stay in hibernation if you like but there is something in the near future which should send a shiver

Friday, January 27, 2017

Economic Benefit of The Open Championship 2016... Stg £110 Million

Copyright Kevin Markham
Royal Troon
I was sent a press release today by the very nice people at Visit Scotland (see edited highlights below). It’s a fascinating read on two levels: first is the detail and the importance placed by Scotland on the Open Championship; and second, done right, this bodes well for Northern Ireland and Royal Portrush in 2019.

The attention-grabbing headline number is this: there was a Stg £110 million benefit to Scotland from the 145th Open at

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Rathcore Golf Club... Yours for €650K

Yes, sad but true, but Rathcore has not made it through the decade of recession unscathed. Despite the valiant efforts of the members the club was forced to 'close' late last year.

It didn't close completely: the members are keeping it open a few days a week, ensuring the 124-acre Rathcore Golf Club is maintained... and enjoyed... and I take heart from that. It is one of my favourite courses (it gets a "Top Ten Parkland" nomination in the 3rd edition of Hooked) and while it may not have the big glamour of  a Mount Juliet or the length of a Killeen Castle, but it is intimate, clever and thoroughly enjoyable. Thoroughly!

Rathcore Golf Club
The 18th green at Rathcore
If you fancy purchasing this peach of a golf course and the two-storey clubhouse for a 'snip' at €650,000... here's the Irish Times spread.

Those lucky €88 million Euromillions winners could have a field day. I'm available to advise... for a modest fee.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Golf Digest Ireland Top 100 Ireland Courses 2017

Galway Bay at 63rd
The 2017 golf course rankings by Golf Digest Ireland have finally been released. These are laid out below. Just like last year you can pick and needle and doubt and gripe and despair at what you see here, but that's rankings for you.

Courses highlighted in green are those that have made significant moves.

Courses highlighted in blue are

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Irish Golf Clubs Move With The Times

Moyvalley's 17th green, to the 16th green
If you want to know how Irish golf clubs and golf resorts are preparing for the years ahead, here's a piece I wrote for the Irish Examiner. There are over 30 courses covered and that is really only a fraction of the investment clubs are putting into their number one asset. Indeed, neither Moyvalley (€1 million in 2016) or