Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Praia D'El Rey - on the Portuguese Silver Coast

I played this beauty today, at the start of a 10 day dash around the region. The weather this morning was overcast... but things brightened up a lot this evening so I headed out to the most spectacular string of holes right above the beach. The entire course is superb... but few would argue that this is where Praia D'El Rey bursts into the ranks of great European golf courses.

Some photos

View back up the 12th with the five star Marriott on the right.

The short par four 13th

The 13th again

The par three 14th green from the right hand side

The 16th green and 14th green beyond

Friday, December 7, 2018

Brand Value in Golf: A Doonbeg Case Study

You might wonder if you’ve accidentally hit the wrong key and been transported into a marketing magazine. You haven’t. Brand values may most commonly be discussed in terms of the global giants (Coke, McDonalds, Facebook, British Airways) but they are an essential component of every company, big and small, local or multinational. Protecting and projecting those values is paramount to how a company positions itself against its competitors, and how it is regarded in the eyes of its customers, suppliers and stakeholders. 
A golf club is no different. Ireland has small country parklands that few golfers outside the

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Catalogue 18 - The Perfect Golf Gift This Christmas

The front cover of Issue 1
Catalogue 18 is a new endeavour which brings together many of the world’s best golf course photographers and illustrators.
If you get enjoyment out of looking at beautiful course imagery then you probably know the names of Evan Schiller, Channing Benjamin, Aidan Bradley and Kevin Murray. This new catalogue includes all of these photographers as well as many more - including myself.
Thanks to the hard work of Canadian Guy Nicholson - a former newspaper editor, writer and golf fanatic - Catalogue 18 is developing fast. Now is your chance to get in on the ground floor, so to speak. 
Half way between a magazine and a catalogue, this is going to be bold, professional and striking… and it will come in a 300-page large format (32cm x 23cm) publication. It