Thursday, June 25, 2009

Courtown disagreement

[Photo: the par three 14th. Index 16, 169m, but the hardest hole in my opinion]

If you have an opinion, someone will disagree with you. That’s the nature of things. To date, I’ve not had one person contact me and say they disagree with a review/ranking.
At least not until yesterday when I went to play Courtown. And who was this person who disagreed with me? Well, actually, that would be me.

I’m happy enough with the review but the scores are wrong – and, in fairness, I’ve known this for a while. A neighbour is a member there and I’ve played it a fair few times as a result. I’ve always enjoyed it, so I was fairly horrified when I looked at the scores in the finished book.

I know how it happened, but that will be of scant consolation to Courtown. When I sent my initial proposal to the publisher it contained reviews for 22 golf courses. Courtown was one of these, and these courses formed the template on which I would review/score all courses. But I never corrected Courtown’s scores before handing in the final manuscript.

[Photo: the brilliant tee-shot down the 4th]

Now, in some cases, if I was given the chance again, I might change the score one point up or down, but Courtown deserves a big shift.

My book score was 71. It should be 78, of which Golf Experience accounts for 16. That’s a big shift and I apologise to Courtown. I will do my best to make it up to you.

Yesterday the greens were wonderful and the whole place was in great condition (it’s the Captain’s prize this weekend) – see the photos. My playing partners, Peadar and Noel, said the high handicappers rarely win anymore, and there is certainly a real sense of achievement when you hit greens in regulation – they are well defended – so I know what they mean. There are several very testing tee shots and the shape of the course adds still more challenges. But like I say in my review. This is a fun course to play and you won’t regret coming here.

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  1. Played Courtown for the first time very recently and it is an excellently presented course... the greens were fantastic and very fast. We saw them being rolled before going out so we knew we were in trouble!
    Myself and Nev were +1 for the back nine in foursomes which wasn't bad.
    Some great driving holes but not always with a driver!