Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shot of the Day

I played in a fourball on Saturday at my home club of Greystones. I was playing with three guys I know well. Julian is a 12 handicapper and one of those guys who you always want on your team. He pulls birdies out of the hat at regular intervals and, in all the years I’ve played with him, I’ve never figured out why he isn’t in single figures.

So we reach the 18th and we’re playing for money (€1 €1 and €1). Julian hits a poor drive into the left hand rough. The rest of us are sitting pretty in the fairway, 40 to 80 yards ahead of him. He pulls out a wood, smacks it with a bit of draw and leaves it two feet from the hole. He sinks the putt and wins the hole.

Shot of the day? Not quite. Julian’s drive on the 2nd wins that award. He hits his drive straight into the tree on the front left of the tee box. It ricochets up high and heads back towards us in a lazy arc. None of us is sure what the etiquette is (should we shout Fore?), so we politely step to the side as the ball lands two paces behind Julian, where we were just standing. Julian goes to his bag, pulls out his 3 wood and carries on as if nothing has happened – and gets a bogey five on the Index 5.

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