Sunday, June 7, 2009

South County Washout

I hadn’t played South County in almost two years. In fact, I played it before I got my camper, which was August 2007, so I was looking forward to a return. I remembered the barren and rather romantic valley which rises up around the course; and I remembered liking the course a lot. What better way to revisit it than in the competitive environment of a Scratch Cup.

After a week of blistering sunshine I was thinking sun tan lotion and tee shirt, but my morning at the Shankill Old Folks centre was a rude wake up call. Rain. Lots of it, and it didn’t stop. I drove out to South County for a two o’clock tee-off and it rained all the way. I got soaked running from the car to the pro shop. It was a disaster. Eventually, with water sitting on greens and fairways, the competition was cancelled. I was fortunate enough not to have got my clubs out of the car (my two unknown playing partners never showed, or even phoned to cancel), but the five guys from the Boards ( had spent some time out in the misery. We ended up sitting in the bar, talking about the weather, golf, the Boards and the weather again. Graeme1982 had even chipped in on the 3rd for a birdie two. I hope he still gets a few quid for that effort. Quite frankly, anyone who ventured out into the weather deserves a prize.

Strangely enough, I never got my camera out of its case – hence no photographs. Next time, for sure.


  1. I was one of those brave, I mean stupid people that went out to try and play the course... I hardly remember ever being as cold on a golf course which was so strange considering we had 30 degree bliss a week earlier.
    I was impressed with the course, well, the first 11 holes that I saw and I was looking forward to the holes on the back 9 which looked very interesting.
    Hopefully I will return when it is rescheduled.

  2. Graeme got €70 for that jammy chip in!!