Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rathsallagh Offer of €59 for Four Rounds...

[Photo: view from the par five 6th green back down the fairway]

Since Groupon was mentioned yesterday - Ballyliffin Lodge - I'll continue with the theme as this Rathsallagh offer dropped into my Inbox this morning. Rathsallagh is one of my favourite courses in what has to be the most parkland of parkland settings. Big trees stand idly by and the course proudly claims that not one tree was felled during the construction of the golf course... you'll wish a few of them had! Holes like 3,6,9,14,15 and 18 all have trees showing more interest in your shots than you would like. But it's idyllic, and the offer is an excellent one.

[Photo: view back down the 2nd]

You buy a voucher for €59, which entitles you and a friend to play a round of golf on ANY day of the week before 31 May... plus you are then entitled to play a second round between Monday and Friday, also before 31 May. Throw in a free breakfast on your first visit, and that's some deal.

Oh, and since I'm keeping to themes, this offer expires tonight at midnight... but the offer only came through at 4am today.

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