Monday, March 26, 2012

Ireland's Ten Toughest Golf Courses

The toughest courses in Ireland... can you guess which ones they are from the photographs and hole details?

Number 1: The tough par four opening hole - another of Ruddy's gems

Number 2: The par four 9th and one of the most famous holes in golf

Number 3: View from green to tee on the par four 18th. Heathland and parkland combined in Co. Wicklow... the 12th is probably the toughest hole in the country.

Number 4: Green to tee on the par three 3rd in Co. Sligo

Number 5: View from the 12th green on one of Ireland's wettest parklands in Co. Meath

Number 6: The par four 1st on Wicklow's finest

Number 7: The par four 1st in Northern Ireland

Number 8: The par four 18th - and clubhouse - with Sisters rising beyond

Number 9: The par 4 1st on the full Monty

Number 10: The 16th par three on one of the remotest courses in Ireland

If you've got the answers... and even if you don't... check out this blog where you'll find names and descriptions.


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