Friday, March 2, 2012

Quiz Time: Hooked 'APP' Well Underway

Over the last few months I have been reducing and editing the copy from Hooked so that it can be used in a specialised App, due out in the next few months... all being well.

It has been an education, for sure. How do you reduce a course as good as Royal County Down to 50 words?

All the writing and (two finger) typing has been done, so now it comes down to filling in the Excel spreadsheets with addresses and scores and all the rest. To call it laborious is an understatement and that's where I'm at.

In advance of the App's release, here's a warm up... can you identify the following three courses from their descriptions? They're all well-known.


Enjoy the cannons behind you, the sea beside you and a turreted green ahead of you. And that’s just the 1st. XXXXXX promises a great stretch of opening holes along the cliffs before the course opens up and flattens out. It doesn’t always feel like a links, but there are flurries of stunning holes and views that constantly entertain.


The most dynamic and exciting of Ireland’s parklands, XXXXXX has hosted the Irish Open four times. Every shot is an adventure with holes flowing over a glorious landscape packed with old trees, flower beds, streams and ponds. It includes a suspension bridge, swans, old stone walls and a very wet back 9. Brilliantly colourful and a brilliant challenge.


Seve’s name hangs over the course, so expect flair on this pristine parkland. It’s set in open country, but young trees are starting to give it magnificent shape, alongside lots of water and (too many) bunkers. Despite its easy pace, this is a long, modern style track that has everything you’d expect, including perfect greens.

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  1. That's easy Kevin

    Druids Glen
    The Heritage


    Shane Derby