Sunday, March 4, 2012

Golf Digest Ireland Hunting For Raters Again

Last year was the first year that GDI decided to get the amateur golfer involved in their annual Top 100 courses rankings... they are doing the same again this year... which means you could find yourself heading off to play up to 15 Irish golf courses for free.

From what I heard - my application was unsuccessful - some raters played many more than the courses allotted to them and went off and played the big courses all over the island.

Raters will receive a day's 'training' on how to review a course and then they have the summer to play lots of free golf.

Buy the magazine (april issue just out), throw (email) your name in the hat, and who knows which beauties you might end up playing.

Good luck.

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  1. Just found this blog and enjoying it. Very jealous of your golf tour and had hoped to do something similar myself one day but I reckon the other half might have a thing or two to say. One last question when are you going back to cover all the great 9 hole courses!