Saturday, November 28, 2015

Golf News... Episode 1

2nd green at Enniscrone
Sorry, I don't mean to excite you with thoughts of a global round up of golf news - it's just a small round up of things that caught my eye.

And yes, Donald Trump looms large.

1. Donald Trump's River of Blood
For those who believe Trump is actually an alien from the Planet Stupid, here is further proof as he contradicts the historians and asks 'were they there?'

The story comes from Sam Weinman on Golf Digest's Loop. It's a short read - so click on that link and have a laugh.

2. Taking on the Roos
A group of enthusiastic Hawaiians came to Ireland a couple of years ago, and my dad and I played with them at Greystones Golf Club. The same guys are just back from their New Zealand and Australia tour.
A moveable obstruction... if you want to risk trying to move it.
We've kept in touch and Maurice sent me the above photo. Not something you'll see on an Irish fairway... although climate change might have something to say about that. Then again, Trump would tell you there's no such thing... and he's the expert... in everything.

3. Diamond of an Offer
The 4 star Diamond Coast Hotel in Enniscrone is offering a special winter deal.
Enjoy a 1 night stay in a superior guest room with full Irish breakfast for 2 people for only €50 in total.

Approach to Enniscrone's short par four 13th.
Golf at Enniscrone Golf Club next door will cost you €35-€40. It's one of the best courses in Ireland and the hotel might be able to get you an even better deal. Keep an eye on the weather and who knows what kind of beautiful winter Irish days may appear.

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