Friday, January 24, 2014

Destination Golf Irish Affiliation

From the magazine
You may have noticed the 'Destination Golf Affiliate' logo on the right of my blog... allow me to explain. 

Destination Golf is a global golf publishing company. Like me, they love golf courses... but on a global scale. Their goal is to spread the word and promote golf courses, travel, hotels and destinations around the world. This is about giving all golfers the opportunity to see what is on offer beyond their shores.

Yes, there will be the usual suspects, such as Portugal and Spain, but Destination Golf goes beyond that to cover South America, China and places you may never have considered, such as Vietnam and the Philippines.

I will be focusing on golf in Ireland, becoming Destination Golf's Irish representative.

Destination Golf Monthly Magazine

One of the feature articles
There is a free monthly online magazine containing a couple of destination feature articles (e.g. Dominican Republic, California) and lots of photographs (by the exceptional Aidan Bradley) of golf courses around the world. The focus is on the photography, to stimulate the senses and give you a buzz about what these courses look like; you can then choose to follow the link to the course's website to find out more about it (as well as their social media links).

Here's a link to the magazines and how you can sign up for them. 

Destination Golf is also responsible for publishing the Official Golf Guides for the Spanish and Portuguese Tourist Boards each year.

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  1. Kevin,

    You will be a great addition to their team, best wishes lad!