Friday, July 26, 2013

Golf World and Ireland's Top 100 Golf Courses

Rosslare (Ranked at 62). Views over the 3rd green.
The current issue of Golf World - with Justin Rose looking determined on the front cover - includes a supplement of Ireland's Top 100 courses.

Yes, it is another rankings table, but I happen to like this one...

... why? Because I was involved in creating it.

The list focuses on the top 60, with the remaining 40 receiving just a listing. Even so, I'm chuffed to see Gowran Park (88), Portarlington (96), Esker Hills (91) and Ballinrobe (82), among others, all appearing in the list for the first time. These are strong courses and they deserve recognition.

Are there surprises? I'm sure you'll find a few - doesn't everybody - but I was involved in selecting the courses ranked 30 to 100* and I think our best clubs are included. There will be disputes and arguments over omissions, but that's to be expected. As long as we debate Irish golf, then that's a good thing.

* The Top 30 have been identified previously through the British Isles Top 100, so the order of those courses couldn't be changed. Royal County Down is at No. 1, and I'm fine with that!

Pick up your copy and see what you think.


  1. Did Fota Island Resort in Cork manage to make the Top 60?

    1. Yes, it just 'squeezed' in at number 27 - between Ballybunion (Cashen) and Castlerock

    2. Great stuff! Excellent blog by way.