Sunday, January 27, 2013

You've Been Trumped Trump

I remember my schooldays with great affection. All that arsing about and generally doing nothing became an ambition that has since become a way of life. I don't know about you but, back in those days, when a kid 'passed wind' it was called trumpeting... and many a competition was held to find who could conjure up the biggest and best 'trump'.

Well, post Trump International Golf Links, we now have the answer do we not!  

I am a little late to the party following BBC's You've Been Trumped, and my blog has been brewing for a considerable time as I try to rustle up something that will do a Trump proud. 

As a programme, it was compelling viewing. Let's be honest, it is hard to like a man as annoying as Donald Trump. Rich, smug, egotistical and elitist... ordinary people like you and me are going to sneer at him and his bully-boy tactics before the opening credits have even started. The film's director, Anthony Baxter, had a willing audience primed and ready to stick needles into our Trump effigies all night long. Mine is currently being ripped to shreds by my German Shepherd-cross.

The Current Supplement with Golf Digest Ireland magazine.
If you saw the programme then you know how badly Trump came out of it... and the police... and the Local Council. What happened was a travesty against ordinary, local people, as well as the environment. Much of the programme centres on a local man by the name of Michael Forbes, who Trump says - on film - is a 'pig', living in a 'slum'. The only pig in this scenario is you, Donald. You've had your snout in the money trough for so long that you've forgotten what humanity is all about. It's not about money, profit or golf... it's about lives.

I appreciate that this misguided sentiment will be lost on a man who is a slave to the dollar and his own ego. 

Trump threatened to sue the BBC. The programme, according to a Trump statement, was 'highly manipulative'. I laughed so hard at the irony I almost fell off my chair.  

In fairness (and I have no desire to be fair) it was a biased programme. Of course it was, because Trump didn't get to spout any of his bullshit in response to the charges Baxter was making. What was needed was a film that showed how Trump rode roughshod over anyone and everything that got in his path. Baxter delivered, brilliantly, and dented Trump's armour of arrogance... if only for a little while. 

If you're wondering why I am writing this blog now, it is because the latest issue of Golf Digest Ireland magazine comes with a 134 page supplement: The Official Guide to Scotland 2013. The inside front cover has an ad for Trump's course with the strapline, The World's Greatest Golf Course

In a word: bollocks! 

But then there's a gem on pages 6 and 7, too. It's a double page photograph of Trump's course with a quote in the top right corner. I'm guessing the Editor must have been on the Irn Bru that day to come up with the beauty you can read below.

Trump's course did plenty of 'unearthing' during construction, which makes Trump International Golf Links about as 'natural' as his_________ well, you fill in the blank.  

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