Wednesday, January 23, 2013

FREE Irish Golf - Thanks to Golf Digest

I thought the 'FREE' might grab your attention. It's not misleading either... assuming Golf Digest Ireland (GDI) picks you as one of their 80 golf course raters.

And the only thing you need to qualify is a golf swing and a GUI handicap. You don't need to be a single figure handicapper - they're looking for golfers of all abilities...

This is the third year that GDI are involving amateur golfers in the process of identifying Ireland's Top 100 golf courses (for 2014). 

If you get selected, you will be heading off to play a minimum of 10 Irish golf courses for free. There's no guarantee you'll be playing the best courses in the country, but it's also unlikely you'll be playing the worst.
Anyone care to guess the identity of this Top 100 parkland course?
Some previous raters played many more than the courses allotted to them and snuck off to play Ireland's big courses. I imagine that the RCDs, K Clubs and Ballybunions will have cottoned on to that by now, but chance your luck and who knows.

Raters will receive a day's 'training' on how to review a course and then they have from mid-March to late September to play lots of free golf.

Buy the GDI magazine (February issue out now), or visit to throw your name in the hat... and who knows where you'll be playing. If it's anywhere nice, drop me a line.

Good luck.


  1. Is it Mount Wolsely? The par 5, seventh?

    1. Nice one - it is indeed. You play there a bit then?

  2. Nice reading! I will definitely buy & read the latest edition of GDI Magazine. I love to play golf and my favorite golf course in Ireland is Ballybunion. It is the favorite golf course of iconic golfer Tom Watson as well.