Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fota Island Golf Offer

[The par five 10th]

Interestingly, a four day Fota Island offer advertised yesterday has 'sold out'. When I first saw it I thought it a rather strange one:

€87 instead of €174 for a round of golf, Fota Island branded polo shirt and 1 dozen golf balls.

Excuse me for being cynical, but 'sold out' seems unlikely unless they were selling only a handful of this deal. For one thing, it's not exactly an attractive offer (the golf balls were 'Noodles' by the way). At the moment, a round of golf mid-week is roughly €40, a polo shirt should be around €30, and a box of Noodles, for the sake of symmetry, costs €17. Dah-dah, that's €87.

How can that package ever have costed €174? And €87 isn't what I'd call great value either.

The positive thing is that the offer is something out of the ordinary, so it's good to see a golf club trying to be different. If it sold out, genuinely, then I'm very impressed, but I suspect someone screwed up along the way and either the offer or the price should have been something else.

By the way, I love the course and the facilities... it's just the offer that leaves me cold.

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