Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tiger says 'sorry' - as am I

Enough is enough. Seriously. In a world gone mad on Pop Idol, X-Factor, Dancing on Ice, I’m a Celebrity Please Shoot Me, Tiger was ‘required’ by the media-mad morons and celebrity crazed public to come forward and show his remorse, express his regret, accept responsibility, look humble, say sorry, say sorry and then say sorry again. Don’t tell me someone didn’t go looking through a Thesaurus for a few choice words.

Yes, yesterday we got to enjoy Plank-gate. I mean it. How wooden was Tiger! There were those in the media who celebrated his performance and said it was heart-felt; there were others who said ‘bollocks’, it was completely choreographed. I would be in the latter camp. But it was an impossible mission for him to come out, say sorry and have everyone weeping in the aisles. It was a no-win situation for him and the media knew there was a world ready to devour every analysis, opinion and sound-byte. It was gobbled up, savoured and then swallowed or spat out… no-win for Tiger, win-win for the media.

And you know what? I don’t care. He should never have had to deal with that situation in the first place. All these expectations that have been heaped on his shoulders, these responsibilities, these standards - it’s all just crap. He’s a golfer. People gripe about the invincible wall that he and his entourage have created around him – is it any bloody wonder. Oh yes, I know that he’s brought a lot of it on himself, and I have never been a fan of the man, but what kind of media, blood-frenzied circus have we created. Why the hell should he have to apologise to us? And if he’s not apologising to us, why should he have to apologise in public at all. Thank God it wasn’t on Oprah!

Apparently his popularity ratings have fallen from 85% to 33%. This world is going mad. I’d have been far more impressed if he’d come out and told the media to ‘F Off’ and he’ll make his apologies in private.

I, for one, will not mention Tiger again until he’s back playing golf again. I’m sick to death of this tripe.

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  1. In fairness to Tiger he was speaking in a forum that really only politicians and CEOs are trained for, and for a speech that was obviously written by his (supposedly professional and canny)management team it was very poorly put together, but really couldn't he have learned it off by heart to perhaps bring a bit more spontaneity and credibility to the delivery?! Cringeworthy to watch, I don't think this "apology" did him great favours regarding public perception, and, in any case, it came about 2 months too late. I would imagine it was encouraged heavily by his sponsors, as only that could explain such a transparent and shallow attempt to appease his fans and detractors.