Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Keeping Dry in Ireland

Yea, right! Keeping dry in Ireland is a tall order, especially with summer coming. No matter how well sealed up you are in waterproofs, you know water's going to get in... either at the top where you'll get that cold, miserable dribble down your neck, or at the bottom, where water sneaks under your waterproofs and soaks your socks.

I can't help with the former, but I may have a solution for the latter. During my travels, I acquired a couple of pairs of Selina Scott Mohair socks. They're not guaranteed to keep you 100% dry but they do a great job, they keep you warm and they don't smell - seriously. Apparently it's to do with the mohair; it doesn't absorb smells. They cost £12.50 (+ p&p). Two of the best footwear purchases I've made, and they're still going strong.

But there's more:You can buy Sealskinz Waterproof mid-light socks for the 'bargain' price of €28 from a variety of places:

53 Degrees North (Carrickmines and Blanchardstown)
Wheelworx (Liffey Valley)
Chain Reaction Cycles (Ballyclare)
Cycle Surgery (Dundrum Town Centre)

as well as various online sites.

These are extremely waterproof and durable (hence a couple of the suppliers being bike stores) and are made from merino wool (also odourless).

Sealskinz also sell 100% waterproof socks, but I wouldn't recommend wading through streams to test them out.

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