Monday, February 15, 2010

Golf ball in the throat

This appeared in the news on February 14th. If you were allowed to play jokes on people on Valentine's Day, in the same way as on April 1st, I wouldn't believe this.

Gardai have launched an investigation after a post mortem at St James’s Hospital in Dublin, didn't spot a golf ball stuck in a dead man’s throat. It was left to the folks at the funeral home to notice the odd lump. As part of a funeral home's normal procedures for burial - and this I never knew - an incision is made in the man’s chest and neck. And there they discovered a golf ball.

A pathologist and mortuary technician at the hospital performed the post mortem after the man died suddenly at his home. They could not establish a cause of death. Evidently neither pathologist nor mortuary technician were golfers, or very good medical practitioners for that matter, as the golf ball in the throat might have seemed a bit unusual.

Foul play is not suspected, although clearly someone didn't shout Fore.

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