Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Golf Product Reviews: CHAMP Grips, Putter Wheel and Jim's Driver

The beautiful bronze head on Jim's Driver
It's a bit like buses... I have three golf products to review over the coming days/weeks. And all of them look good.

I've done several product reviews in the past couple of years, but these are the first for 2014.

The Champ Grips are very tacky to the touch and caused much amusement in the Greystones Golf Club Pro Shop where I got the clubs re-gripped... although that was down to the colour. I may not live this one down.

Orange grips are irons and a 3 wood. Green and white is the Putter grip.

The Putter Wheel is a fascinating idea and one which should prove very useful for errant putters (such as myself). I saw some scary stats a while back that showed most amateur golfers hit their putts approx. 15 degrees offline of their intended target. This should help.

The Putter Wheel comes with three 'balls' and a special marker.

Jim's Driver is a present of sorts from an American who travelled to Ireland to play golf this year (more on that later) - we've been in touch ever since. He makes clubs for himself and he sent me a rather impressive club to try out.

Feedback on all to follow.

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  1. Wouldn't mind a whack of that driver...Looks good and that's half the battle with most of us