Sunday, August 17, 2014

Gdansk the Great... Golf in Poland

Sand Valley Golf Club
Be honest... if I said name a European golfing destination beginning with 'P'... how many of you would guess 'Poland'?

Portugal - with its awards, its location and its weather - would be your first guess, wouldn't it! No surprise there. But Poland has so much going for it that you need to reconsider that 'P' priority.

Here's an article (pages 36 to 43) I wrote about a golfing trip to Gdansk, for Destination Golf.

Consider three crucial elements:

1. Golf
Golf is relatively new to Poland, teeing off in 1992. Combine that with only a few thousand Polish golfers and you have modern courses in excellent condition, with plenty of empty fairways. Sand Valley, Postolowo and Sierra golf clubs are all within easy reach of Gdansk city... or you can stay in the golf apartments at Sand Valley or Sierra to put golf just a moment's walk away. These places have been set up with golfing tourism in mind and Scandinavian golfers are frequent visitors.
Postolowo Golf Club
Sierra Golf Club
One of the lodges at Sand Valley, available for golfers.
2. History
Gdansk sits on the Baltic, where the fall of communism started. The city around which the golf courses flow is rich in history and beauty. It's a thousand years old and can compete with the Pragues and Viennas of Europe in terms of beauty and charm. Warsaw's history is even older - and it's another golfing hotspot.
Poseidon on Gdansk's Royal Way.
Gdansk is only a 2.5 hour flight from Dublin.

3. Beer & Vodka
What more do I need to say to those who find drinking such an important part of a golfing buddies' trip. Did you know that vodka can now only be named 'vodka' if it is made from Polish grain. We drank some on our last night - OK, every night - and it was far smoother than anything I've drunk in Ireland. Plus it didn't leave a hangover - that's the beauty of really good vodka. As for the beer - I drank half a dozen varieties and every one was a cracker.

Read the article, look at the photographs (above and in the article) and try to find a reason not to visit Poland on your next golfing holiday abroad.

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