Saturday, August 23, 2014

Challenge By The Sea - at Greystones GC

The par four 6th
Greystones Golf Club dates back to 1895. Given its age, it's a classic course with a wonderful air of maturity to it... and the name of Harry Colt hovering in the background. At the moment it is in immaculate condition and the greens are as good as any I've played on in recent years.

Perfect greens are the ultimate aim of any golf club and achieving it must delight Committees, general managers and the greenkeepers themselves... as well as visiting golfers.

And now's your chance to play this parkland beauty for yourself:

The course is a par 69, which some may think too short... but a friend of mine came to play the course a couple of years back and here's what he said after his round:

The par three 1st - a tough opening tee shot
"I assumed I'd rip the course to pieces, but Greystones sure put some manners on me." Off a 14 handicap he had failed to break 90.

That's what a well-designed course will do to anyone. Greystones is not tough, it just calls for sensible, smart and tidy golf. Something that eludes most of us golfers.

The par four 13th

Challenge By The Sea

Greystones Golf Club has introduced a unique series of golf opens, which will take place in the coming weeks. There are 6 open events in all and, to be considered for the 'grand prize', you have to hand in at least 3 cards.

I'll let the poster below explain it in more detail... but even if you can't commit to 3 events, you can play it once for just €15. As green/entry fees go for a course of this quality, you'll be hard pressed to find better value anywhere.

Contact details for Greystones GC are on the poster... or log on to or call 01 287 5308.

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