Sunday, July 6, 2014

Carne Golf Links Photos

Some photographs from Carne last night... to inspire those preparing for the Atlantic Coast Challenge.

The new par five 5th on the Kilmore 9. A dogleg right

Approach to the Hackett 11th. Tee is right of this picture,
creating a 90 degree dogleg

The Hackett 15th. A straight par four with an enormous
dip in the middle of the fairway (hard to see in pic)

The steep drop to the par three 16th

Approach to Hackett's 17th. A straight and long pat four

A double rainbow touches down in Blacksod Bay, beyond
the clubhouse and the 18th green


  1. Wow!!! Some great photos there Kevin..

  2. That's one brutal looking piece of golf real estate! I'm not sure I'm man enough to handle it.