Monday, May 20, 2013

Tonight's Launch of #IrishGolfDebate on Twitter

Golf is a business - let's be clear about that. Golf clubs need to make money to survive... something that is proving particularly tough at the moment. To that end, Social Media is being explored more and more, but there is so much scope for Irish Golf Clubs to expand its boundaries....

... which is why a new #IrishGolfDebate on Twitter should prove very interesting indeed. Here's the Press Release I received:

With the Irish golf industry facing the same issues as most business sectors, Westport Golf Club, under the stewardship of their marketing manager Paul O'Neill, will launch a new twitter feed, where all relevant golfing topics can be discussed on a weekly basis. 

"Everybody involved in the industry can access the debate by searching for #irishGolfDebate on their twitter account" explained O'Neill, when he launched the new forum over the weekend. 

"Essentially we believe that the era of golf clubs going it alone is long gone. We need to share ideas in order to get the industry through this particularly difficult period. The new forum will allow clubs and individual golfers to access best industry practice, exceptional value and in some cases allow the grassroots to connect with those organisations who currently manage the industry both nationally and internationally.

The opening forum will be live from to on Monday May 20th. All those with a passion for golf are invited to tweet.  

Come along and join in. For one thing, you'll learn what a hashtag is; for another, you might pick up some great ideas.

Good luck to Paul O'Neill and the team at Westport Golf Club, and Irish Golf Debate

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