Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Chinese Perspective

I've always been a bit dubious about the validity of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIS) that take place in this country - whether for housing estates, runways, harbours or golf courses. So often they seem to be ignored or steam-rollered 'in the national interest' - by which I always think they mean: in the interest of the developer and the bent politicians/councillors who will sign and say anything for a few extra quid or a free lunch.

Then again, Doonbeg and their snail has been a major success story (see my blog last month) so sometimes an EIS does work. And while I am loathe to say that the environmental impact is not significant (chemical/pesticide run-off is a major issue for Irish golf courses), it is nothing when you compare it with the approach of the Chinese, who, needless to say, have never been advocates of anything remotely ethical. 'Here's an island with a rain forest on it. 300 endangered species? Let's match that by building 300 courses':

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