Thursday, June 27, 2013

Irish Golf to the North - Part 2 - North West Senior Scratch

The 11th, heading back to the clubhouse
A few days back I blogged about a four day Irish golf tournament named The North West Open - it plays over four courses, including Ballyliffin.

It will see competitors driving past a course by the similarly named North West Golf Club. Set on the road into Buncrana, on Donegal's Inishowen Peninsula, this is one of the founding members of the Golfing Union of Ireland. The club dates back to 1891, and there is a sense of longevity and tradition about the place. There is a subtlety too, one that can only be borne by a classic old links like this.

The club is hosting a Senior Scratch Cup on Sunday, July 14th... it is the first time in over 20 years that this tournament has been held, so that in itself may attract golfers to make the journey to this beautiful part of the world. By all accounts the course is in great condition and I remember well the greens with their speed and natural contours.

For €30 you'll get two rounds of golf and a bite to eat. Shall we say 'excellent value' and leave it at that!

There's a Junior Scratch the same day, but priority will be given to 5 handicappers and better.

The 12th
If you choose to play, my advice is this: know your bump and run, know how to play low trajectory shots, and leave your fade at home - this is no place to be slicing shots as the first 11 holes all have Out-of-Bounds on the right (sea and road).

You also won't want to be too wayward off the tee. Over the years the sea has repossessed much of the land that was once golf course. The club has stopped the erosion, but the course is a little tight in places. It is also exposed... but if you think its flat it will make a fool out of you!

Contact 074 936 1715

Enjoy a slice of Irish golf in Co. Donegal this summer.

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