Thursday, June 27, 2013

An Irish Golfer Abroad - Tom Kennedy in Ghana

Do not believe this man... he is not who Sky claim he is.
Tom Kennedy flew out to Ghana earlier this year on a contract that sees him take up the reins as Director of Golf in Ghana. It is a big move from Mount Juliet, where he was before, and a long way from his home of Limerick.

By all accounts he's having a great time, although, judging by the Sky Sports Reports recently aired, his name is causing a few problems... for Sky News at least!

Sky did a two-part report on Paul McGinley's work and ambitions for Ghana and you will find the two reports here:
Report 1
Report 2

Would the real Tom Kennedy step forward!
If you want to read Tom's blog (non-Ghana related), he's on Wordpress.

His Twitter feed is here.

The Ghana Golf Blog is here.

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