Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mount Juliet - August Golf

What I like about Mount Juliet's marketing is simple: they maintain a constant momentum for their Summer Golf promotion, specifically through social media which costs next to nothing. They promote the events through various LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (Tom Kennedy, their Golf Sales Coordinator) pages - as well as elsewhere I'm sure - and on their website.

It helps of course that you have an excellent product, but that doesn't hide the fact that they are actively using social media to get the message out there. I am currently going through Twitter to identify all of the Irish clubs that have Twitter accounts. There are more than I expected, but what I did expect was that most of them aren't active - they simply set up the account and it's been ignored ever since. Plenty of people don't see the point of Twitter, but it's an important marketing weapon when it doesn't cost anything and golf clubs are, in general, struggling financially. The same applies to Facebook which is much more popular with golf clubs (it's easier to interact and you can show photographs)... but it takes little effort to set up a Twitter account and link it directly to Facebook, so that every time you post to your Facebook Wall it automatically appears on Twitter. I do it the other way around as my Facebook page is mostly ignored (in fact you can't even find it because I don't have enough 'Likes'), but it's the obvious thing to do when you have such huge audiences and the when the future of golf is the younger, social media-savy generation.

Here are Mount Juliet's August events - and the Parent/Child tournament is a great addition:

• Second of three qualifying events
• 3 person team event - €180 per team
• Winning team proceeds to the Grand Final in September
• Overall winners will win a place in the Irish PGA Pro-Am at Mount Juliet on October 10th

-Parent and Child Golf Tournament
• 2 Person Team event for parents and children of any generation
• €60 entry fee 

Summer Series - Open Golf Competition
• 4 person team event
• Entry fee of €240 per team including burger on the 10th tee

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