Monday, January 23, 2012

Connacht Golf Conference - Cancelled

Sadly, this Sunday's Golf Conference has been cancelled... due to a lack of interest from the 41 affiliated golf clubs in the Connacht region. Unfortunately, only 20 delegates from eight clubs had committed to attend.

Frankly I'm surprised.

Given the situation we're in, you'd think people would be willing to explore every new avenue available to them... not only willing, but eager. The annual subscriptions might be the key revenue that clubs use to maintain operations, but the societies and green fee golfers are a vital revenue stream too. Paul O'Neill was attempting to bring golf clubs together to explore the options and the possibilities - and there are definitely a few out there. Doesn't it seem daft to ignore a call to arms that could bring a wealth of business and revenue to the Connacht region?


  1. Very dissapointed to hear about the cancellation. I thought it would have been a wonderful first step in trying to come together and share ideas for the benefit of all clubs.

    Paul has put a lot of work into this project already, but sadly on this occasion and for whatever reason the interest was not there.

    Perhaps at a later stage it could be tried again and possibily the GUI could come on board to promote it.

    Barry Horgan
    Loughrea Golf Club

  2. Couldn't agree more, Barry. Even if it was only to be a sounding board, it would have been very useful to get the clubs together to start co-operating.

  3. Yes, the West has an awful lot to offer in terms of golf and we try to promote all the regions of Ireland and hopefully the clubs of the west will 'pull' together.

  4. It's a real surprise that so little support was shown. The costs were minimal too. Maybe people valued their Sunday higher than the future of their club, or am I being too cynical?
    I'm sorry for Paul, a bit of a kick in the teeth after all the effort he put in.