Sunday, December 2, 2018

Catalogue 18 - The Perfect Golf Gift This Christmas

The front cover of Issue 1
Catalogue 18 is a new endeavour which brings together many of the world’s best golf course photographers and illustrators.
If you get enjoyment out of looking at beautiful course imagery then you probably know the names of Evan Schiller, Channing Benjamin, Aidan Bradley and Kevin Murray. This new catalogue includes all of these photographers as well as many more - including myself.
Thanks to the hard work of Canadian Guy Nicholson - a former newspaper editor, writer and golf fanatic - Catalogue 18 is developing fast. Now is your chance to get in on the ground floor, so to speak. 
Half way between a magazine and a catalogue, this is going to be bold, professional and striking… and it will come in a 300-page large format (32cm x 23cm) publication. It
will be biannual with a focus that shifts around the world. In the first edition, planned for January 2019, courses covered include Pinehurst No. 2, Cabot Cliffs, The Loop, Doonbeg, Nordic Europe, Adelaide, Coachella Valley, to name a few. It’s the perfect coffee table publication that will undoubtedly move around the house as golfers will find it hard to put down. 
Pitched as ‘The world’s most beautiful golf magazine’ it is currently raising funds through This is a crowd-funding site which means that the company is raising money to make the magazine a reality. By backing the project you pledge to purchase the catalogue (for yourself or as a gift) once it reaches its financial target. If it fails to raise the target amount you lose no money. The campaign runs until December 21st.
Co Sligo's famous 17th hole, included in Catalogue 18
The price of your support starts at approx. €20 (Usual price US$60) which entitles you to a copy of the catalogue and free delivery anywhere in the world. Your name (or that of the recipient of this gift) will appear in the first issue of Catalogue 18, as a Founder. There are higher levels of support (€40, €120 and €4,000) offering  different benefits so check them out through the link below.

Oh, and if you're wondering why funding is being raised through Kickstarter, that's because the magazine contains no advertising... just lots of beautiful images and illustrations of the world's best courses.

The perfect gift... quite possibly: Catalogue 18 Kickstarter Campaign 

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