Saturday, July 9, 2016

Ireland vs. Scotland... the golfer's conundrum

Killarney Mahony's Point 18th green
Well, there's little doubt that following Brexit and the slump in Sterling's value against the dollar, American golfers will be licking their lips at the prospect of a 15% discount (maybe more) in the cost of their golfing trip to the United Kingdom.

It certainly gives the famed Scottish links an edge over their Irish brethren... for now. There's a
(friendly) rivalry between the two as we battle to lure international golfers to our shores and each has its own way of appealing to such travelling golfers. For me, it's always been a case of the 'Home of Golf' versus the 'Soul of Golf'.
The 'Mass Hole' par three 12th at Waterville.
Here's a head to head of two exceptional golf trips which pitches a premium Scottish golf break (created by Kieran Clark) against one from Ireland (by me). See how you think they line up on My Golf Spy.

My choices focused on the south west... so expect Waterville, Ballybunions and the always enjoyable Dooks... among others.

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