Friday, December 5, 2014

Larry and me... Photographs of The Island

The Island's clubhouse and 18th green
Not for one second am I about to compare my photography skills with the revered Larry Lambrecht, but this is still a funny coincidence.

I played The Island, yesterday, thanks to an invitation from Kevin Connolly, who organises the North West Open. It fell in with a requirement for a Golf World article I'm working on as I needed a photograph of The Island's clubhouse. After the golf, and just as the sun began to dip along the horizon, I grabbed the camera and took a few shots of the building across the 18th green.

Once I had the shot, I started looking around to see if there was anything else that the sun was lighting up. The 4th green was ablaze, so I wandered over and took a few more shots. And then I headed home, where I found a calendar waiting for me courtesy of Links Golf Ireland, a popular golf tour operator. I flicked through the months/photographs - as you do - and came to March's entry... which was of The Island... their 4th hole in fact.

Turns out that Larry and me were standing on almost the identical spot when we took our photographs... and here they are:

Copyright Larry Lambrecht

Thanks to Kevin and Neil O'Briain, for the company and for showing me how links golf can be played - and to Neil for a putting display that was, in a word, awesome. Beyond my wildest dreams.

And, as always, thanks to The Island for their hospitality and for their world-class golf course.

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