Sunday, May 4, 2014

That's Gotta Hurt... Holes In One at Greystones Pro Am

The par three 16th at Greystones... pin on view is the one played in the
Pro Am, directly in line with the smaller of the two trees behind the green.

 Greystones Golf Club hosted its annual Pro Am on Friday (May 2nd). The course was - quite literally - littered with cars from the key sponsor of the day: Newcastle Motorswhich is the main dealer for Peugeot and Mazda, and it was the smart Peugeot 208 sitting by the 16th tee that generated the most fuss. Not because it was parked on the tee, but because one of the amateurs in the 1st group of the day aced the hole with a 6 iron. Just like that a new Peugeot had been won.

But that wasn't the end of it. A while later there was another hole in one, on the same hole. And another car had found a new owner. The retail price for the 208 is €16,500. Reports by the official representative who was assigned to watch the green... all day... suggested that there was very nearly a third hole in one. The odds of two holes in one on the same hole are something like 17 million to one. 

At Greystones there are five par threes. The 16th is the 2nd toughest (after the first). It may only be 139 metres, but the slopes on the green are wicked and there's a steep slope off the back, as well as the bunker in front and to the right. It needs to be a high shot to get the ball close. Watching those two shots soaring down towards the green must have been a joy, only surpassed by the rattle of the flag as the ball dropped into the cup.
More cars from Newcastle Motors (there were six in total
 by one of the practice greens)
Not sure what this all means for Newcastle Motors' premium for next year, but they'll certainly be getting some coverage on the back of it. And out of pocket to the tune of €33,000, they're going to need it.

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