Monday, May 26, 2014

Golficity Podcast #034 & Hooked

The 3rd at Royal County Down
It's 12.20 a.m. and my internet connection has just crashed. In 10 minutes I'm due to speak to Frank and Mike, in the States, recording a podcast for Golficity. I'm not 'as one' with technology at the best of times so, after midnight, when the only intelligent and technologically capable person in the house (my wife) has gone to bed, I go into blind panic mode.

The computer decides to heed my threats and comes back online, just in time. A few minutes later I'm talking to the lads on their Eastern Standard Time.

Golficity is a young and fast-growing online golf resource. It covers just about everything to do with golf and I've written a couple of articles for them over the last year. So, when Frank got in touch and asked if I'd be interested in doing a podcast about my travels and my two books, that wasn't a shot I was going to miss. I'll promote Irish golf whenever anybody gives me the opportunity.

The podcast is available in three different locations:

We Have It So Good

Talking to the guys made me realise just how lucky we are in Ireland. We can play any golf course we want on this island... not bad considering we have half a dozen courses that regularly feature among the 'best courses in the world'. They can cost a bit, sure, but anyone can book a tee time.

Not so in the US. Frank told me he practically lives next door to a course he'll never get to play. Mike said he was just back from a round at Liberty National, where no one else was on the course, on a perfect day. Clubs that 'private' make no sense to me - and that's after playing the private California Club in San Francisco last month. A course that good should be appreciated and adored by all. And for all those Irish golfers who gripe about the cost of green fees, at least you can play any of our courses if you so choose. You're not barred. You're not excluded. You're not trying to schmooze up to a member to get an invitation.

Views down the 3rd at The California Club
Sure, €150-€200 is a hefty green fee to play The European, Portmarnock, Royal Portrush, and the rest, but golfers from around the world pay thousands to get here so they can play it. That's not something we'll ever be able to do to play Augusta or Pine Valley.

I chatted with the guys for half an hour and before signing off, Mike suggested I check out the Bayonne Golf Club website. It's a private club in New Jersey, modelled on the Old Head of Kinsale. Watch the video - the course looks incredible.

Thanks for the chat, guys.


  1. I enjoyed listening to the podcast. It was fun to hear your voice and also the story behind your books and golf writing.

  2. Kevin, it was so great having you on the show. Can't thank you enough for powering through the computer issues and late hours to chat with us!

    All the best,