Sunday, May 18, 2014

Donald Hears A Harp

What did you make of that fiasco? You know, when Donald Trump arrived in Ireland last week... and was met by Ireland's Eurovision entry on the runway... and if they weren't perhaps they should have been.

Who decided that the harpist, the violinist and the singer were a good idea, a 'Hello Mr Trump and welcome to Ireland'?  Seriously, who was it? I can't decide if I want to shake their hand for making Donald Trump squirm with embarrassment - as he surely must have - or if I want to beat them to death for making Ireland look so bloody stupid. Talk about grovelling.

In this country we blame lots of things for the negative publicity we get... when really we can only blame ourselves.

Trump knows he can do what he likes with his Doonbeg golf course and the protected snail in the 51 acres of dunes that are off-limits, because the Irish government doesn't really have a clue about the environment if it means jobs and money. Hell, if Donald asks, I imagine Enda and his gang will send over the entire troupe of Riverdance to stomp their way over the dunes and kill off every one of those 1.8mm snails.

Sure, they're so small, would anyone care. Donald doesn't.

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  1. Hello,

    This story made me cringe with embarrassment. Why did they think this was a good idea?

    I'm on the fence about Trumps involvement in golf. Will this Trump course now bump the likes of me from ever been able to afford to play Doonbeg?? Hopefully not.