Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lough Erne Resort Golf Events 2013/2014

So often when winter comes, courses batten down the hatches and go in to an automaton state for the winter. I’m not talking about the work on the course or the members filling in the reduced timesheets every week – I’m talking about the focus on visitors and societies. Passionate summer golfers have faded into the TV armchair personnel who shout at referees, scream in glory or rage at perceived injustices.
Now is the time when hardcore golfers thrive. And the beautiful Lough Erne Resort is giving these golfers every opportunity to play, with a wide range of events running from November to January. Entry to any and all of these events is £40pp, so if you've never had the privilege now would be a good time.

Events and Tournaments 2013/14

1. Sunday November 3rd 2013

Halloween Team of 4 

Visitor Entry Fee £40 pp

2. Sunday 22nd December 2013

Junior Scratch Cup 
Visitor Entry Fee £40 pp


3. Friday 27th December 2013

Pairs 4ball Betterball 
Visitor Entry Fee £40 pp

4. New Years Eve Singles 2013

Visitor Entry Fee £40 pp

5. 2nd January 2014

Team of 4 
2 best scores to count
Visitor Entry Fee £40 pp

6. 3rd January 2014

Junior Under 18 
Visitor Entry Fee £20 pp

To reserve your place or book a tee time

Tel : 028 66 345 766 or ROI 048 66 345 766

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