Sunday, October 20, 2013

Getting to The Roots of Grass, Greens and Greenkeepers

Got your head around that title yet?

As an active member of the Boards Golf Forum, there are plenty of threads that interest me greatly... but earlier today a new member signed up and started posting. With the cunning User Name of 'Fescue' it is apparent that the man is a greenkeeper... and he's here to help.

He (assuming it's a he) has started a thread where he is offering to answer typical questions that us golfers have often pondered and complained about but never thought to ask. Entitled Questions for Greenkeepers it gives those on the Boards a chance to learn a bit about the efforts, skills and knowledge that go into maintaining the courses that many of us take for granted.

Courtown's 10th green
Why are some grasses preferred to others? What is bent grass? When is the optimal time for hollow-tining and why is it done at all? And more.

So if you have a question, take a look, join in and become a part of the community. Who knows what you might find out. It may even improve your performance on the greens.

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