Friday, December 16, 2011

What's in the Bag?

A question (and poll alongside):

Do people care that much about what's in a Professional golfer's bag? Which Driver do they use? What length of putter do they favour?...

I just read a blog where the author asked: What self-respecting golf blog doesn't have a What's in the Bag piece?

Mine doesn't. I can't believe that anyone gives a damn. The professionals... OK, I understand the attraction, but it makes not a jot of difference to me. If Rory uses a bazooka it's not going to influence my next choice of club... although it might influence the choice of weapon that I take to to the next AIB AGM. Eggs are for wimps.

No, I go to my Pro shop and we discuss the type of game I play, whether I draw or fade, what kind of swing I inflict on the ground (which he'll watch - outside the Pro shop, obviously)... and he then suggests a couple of club models and we go from there.

Personally, I have zero interest in what's in anybody's golf bag. Do you?

[Photo: No, not me. I wish I had a swing like that... but at least I hit the ball]

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