Friday, January 21, 2011


Back in my school days I remember our English teacher talking about a book he had published. It was aimed at 6th form students studying King Lear for their Leaving Cert, and went into detail on what the play was all about and what it meant. He said that when he received his first - and, as it turned out, his only - royalty cheque, he ripped it open only to discover is was for £16. All that work and his return was a measly £16. Sure, sure, he had the satisfaction of seeing his book published, but...

I received my first royalty cheque today, so for those people who were convinced that I was going to make millions, thousands... or even hundreds from this book... my cheque is for €67.83, which equates to one tank of diesel in the camper van - enough to get me from Wexford to Donegal, assuming I don't stop or get held up in traffic.

In fairness, I received a 'modest' advance before I started Hooked. Since publication I have received Statements showing that the royalties from book sales had still not surpassed the amount of this advance. Until today. So, while €67.83 will not set the world alight, or thrill my bank manager, it is a cause for celebration. So please celebrate with me, and make that Hob Nob a chocolate one.


  1. You should stick to Choc Goldgrain Kevin !! Still a great book by the way!

  2. Congrats Kevin. I have the book already but will buy the net edition as my home course had not opened at the time of publication. Looking forward to that review.
    All the best,