Thursday, January 27, 2011

Green Fees at Ireland's Top 25 courses

Liam Kelly, in yesterday's Irish Independent (26 Jan), did an interesting piece on how much it would cost you in 2011 to play Ireland's Top 25 courses (according to the rankings of Golf Digest Ireland). The answer, peak season, is €3,128, which is a reduction of only €500 from peak fees in 2008.

This €3,128 looks a huge figure, especially in the recession, but as he goes on to explain there are so many ways around paying these sums, that you need to consider that figure with a large pinch of salt. For instance, if you were to play the same courses in the off-season, you could pay 'just' €1,549... or half the peak season price.

[Enniscrone's par three 3rd]

One thing is immediately noticeable from the rankings/green fees... you won't get better value than the links of the north west: Carne, County Sligo, Donegal and Enniscrone. Add in Strandhill (next door to County Sligo) and you have the most spectacular run of links courses anywhere. And with the Atlantic Coast Challenge (see below), offering up three of these courses for just €125, you should take the opportunity to pay this corner of the world an overdue visit.

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