Saturday, October 16, 2010

Portarlington Food

[The lovely par three 3rd, from right in front of the clubhouse, below the restaurant!]

There is that ever present concern when you eat in a clubhouse, that you're going to end up being rather disappointed by the encounter. I ate in a fair few places and I had some terrible grub, not to mention some interesting interpretations of the staples like lasagne and curry. I had good food too: Seapoint jumps to mind as does Scrabo and Nuremore, but there's always that doubt in the back of your mind. Will it be tyre-tough or enough to last me until I get home?
Paolo Tullio is the restaurant critic for the Irish Independent, so it was an intriguing read when I opened the paper today and found he'd reviewed the restaurant at Portarlington Golf Club. The golf course is one of my favourites (and the 14th hole is my 'Best 14th hole in Ireland') but I can't say that I even remember what I ate on my visit. I wasn't expecting him to gush about the place, but he was clearly impressed. And it was interesting to note his comment that there aren't any other good restaurants in Portarlington.

So, worth it for the food, and definitely worth it for the golf.

[Photo: the par four, Index 1 7th]

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