Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top Golfer

[Photo: Rosslare's par three 8th]

Junior and Senior Scratch Cups are an important part of a single handicapper's year. Between March and October, numerous clubs around the country hold these events, giving you the chance to play some great courses for heavily reduced green fees. For example, play 36 holes at Carlow Golf Club, including lunch, for €25. You get to play in a really competitive environment for good prizes, but until now every event stood on its own. If you won, well done, but that was it.

TopGolfer.ie is changing all that with a league table format that makes things far more interesting. It's a great idea, and I hope it does really well for the guys behind it. There are 30 events (at the moment) ranging from brilliant courses to the more pedestrian variety, but it's generating a buzz, and I signed up for it today. Rosslare, Rathsallagh, Enniscorthy, Dunmurry Springs are definitely on the radar, and Rosslare for €20 is criminally cheap.

[Photo: Dunmurry Spring's par three 11th]

Either join up at topgolfer.ie (it's free to register) or visit Shrieking Sheet's blog to find out his thoughts. There's no point me repeating what he says, and he says it so well!

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  1. Haha, thanks Kevin.

    The TG thing will be great this year, really looking forward to it. The site itself is quiet enough for now, but going on the massive response on facebook there is certainly a buzz about it. They took loads of pictures down there at the first event too which was a good touch.

    Shame that there isn't really a "league table" as such, just a collection of winners who play off in the end of year final (no points for runner up, or top ten etc). Still though, fair play to them for getting it going.