Monday, March 29, 2010

More of the Druid's

I promise that this will be the last time I harp on about Druid's Glen - it's been on my blog four times already in recent weeks.

Not only did I not get to play it during the FREE offer month, I have not made the Greystones GC panel for the Barton Cup team this year - and our first round opponents are Druid's Glen. True, I haven't been on the team for a few years (my travels took care of that) but when I was, I played away-from-home, so a practice round (or four) at Druid's would have suited me fine. Just me and my three caddies.

The Barton Cup gets people very excited - when I say 'people' I mean golfers - as it is one of the biggest inter-club events of the golfing year. Barton Cup is a team of five pairs playing straight foursomes, with a maximum combined handicap of 14. Greystones made the semis last year and were beaten by the eventual winners, Gowran Park. Sometimes you play courses that don't light your fire, and sometimes you get drawn against somewhere like Druid's Glen.

Consider then that the first year I played on the team, our opponents were Dublin Mountain. The GUI made them play all their matches at Greystones, my home course, because Dublin Mountain didn't have a clubhouse - or at least that was the official reason! Then we played Carrickmines, a nice little 9 hole hillside course just off the M50, followed by Vartry Lakes, another 9 hole course on the edge of Roundwood. Three not-exactly-spectacular courses (Vartry Lakes is no more). I'd give it all for one round at Druid's, even if we got beaten on the 13th.

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