Sunday, March 7, 2010

Golf Thieves take £750,000 of gear

It takes balls to walk into a golf club, steal sets of golf clubs and clothing, and then stroll out again like you own the place. But these two Golf Thieves in the UK have been doing exactly that, and they've been hitting up to five golf clubs a day, and 60 clubs in total.

Most clubs in Ireland have experienced break-ins, the occasional missing bag, and the forlorn "has anyone accidentally taken my shoes?" (one of which is up in the clubhouse at the moment), but this is taking things to a whole new level. I leave my bag in plain sight in the changing rooms, as do most other golfers, and you just assume that it will be safe because there are CCTV cameras and a lock on the door, and a lot of golfers walking around. Even so, all you'd have to do is blend in - as these two did - and you can imagine how easy it would be. I for one will be a lot more cautious from now on.

And to all the media who are covering this so joyously... thanks for giving people ideas.

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