Friday, March 10, 2017

The GUI Handicap Cheat Debate #TheFairWay

There's an impressive debate going on at the moment as the GUI's dedicated #TheFairWay campaign runs throughout March. Aimed at targeting the handicap cheats we all have a role to play in making our game fairer... every club... every golfer.

Here's an article I wrote on the matter for the Irish Examiner.

It is no easy challenge and this is undoubtedly the first step on a long path... but it's a step. If you want to take part in this debate why not leave a comment and suggest some ways to counter the (very small percentage of) cheats who are having far too much impact on our game. Come on, how do we stop them?


  1. I agree, handicap building is not common but needs to be addressed. I think the best approach is to make casual comments such as "you seemed to give up on that hole" which make it known that the player's effort as well as score is being monitored.

  2. Very hard to distinguish a bad shot from a deliberately fluffed shot from a high handicapper.

  3. Like everything; once or twice happens; three is a trend... I've had mates shoot a once off 46pts and be cut 7 shots when their game doesn't warrant it... Last years capping of one shot back has helped but isn't perfect.. But its all golfers as to what they will & won't tolerate - culturally some individuals & occasionally clubs won't respect the games principles

  4. Im playing in a club in Tipperay and there is some amount of handicap cheating going on and its been reported to the powers that be in club and all they do is turn a blind eye to it so they are bad as the guys themselves so what has one to do but report to GUI and hope audit is done to correct the cheats in our club and may I say its from our single figure handicappers up its so frustrating paying your money every week and these guys deciding when to put cards in or not I was told by a member of management if I don't like it go elsewhere what a cheek it is in my opinion total arrogance on managements behalf and complete cheating by my so called fellow golfers regards Esq