Thursday, October 6, 2016

Ryder Cup 2016... Questions and Blame Game

Who among us doesn't love the Ryder Cup? Seriously, if ever golf needed to stir passions all the powers-that-be need to do is look at and learn from the Ryder Cup. Every hole is a win or lose scenario... if only the Olympics would pay attention. This is the way to show the world what golf is all about.

True, a portion of the American fans proved PJ Willett 100% right, which is an omen of things to come. Those powers-that-be need to do something to stop the craziness because someone's going to get hurt. Stop serving alcohol at 7.30am perhaps?

I've written two articles in recent days - one for the Irish Examiner and one for the weekly online Irish Golfer Digital+. The Examiner piece focuses on the desire of the golfing world and media to generate a 'Blame Game' mentality. All the reasons for potential failure and who's to blame get lined up like dominoes... just waiting to be knocked down as soon as the winning putt drops.

The other article is more tongue-in-cheek and addresses some 'questions' which get me riled up about the Ryder Cup... such as WAGS, merchandise, slo-mos and mashed potatoes.  

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