Sunday, December 13, 2015

Trump, Tramp, Tromp

Oh boy, here I am writing about Donald Trump again. Really, does this guy need to be talked about more than he already is? If your answer is ‘No’ you probably won’t want to read on.

How does a man this bigoted, ignorant and despicable get to be in the running to be the next ‘Leader of the Free World’? Seriously, the man is a super-rich, super egotistical buffoon who makes things up on the spot… pretty much every time he opens his mouth. If he was Pinocchio, he’d be able to use his nose to rake the bunkers in Doonbeg.

When he bought, fought, bullied, grand-standed and manipulated the truth to develop his
Trump Aberdeen course he was all over the news for his disgraceful tactics… both how he tromped on the environment and tromped on the local people. He loved thinking he was some kind of superstar, a saviour of golf and a godsend to poor little Aberdeen… which would undoubtedly have shrivelled up and died without his magnanimous intervention. Seriously, the man claimed Trump Aberdeen to be the greatest course in the world before it was complete. It’s not even the greatest course in Aberdeenshire. Oh, and if Trump’s to be believed, everybody loves him.

When he bought Doonbeg, his first complaint was about the windmills that might interfere with the views. He did exactly the same in Aberdeen, when Alex Salmond played him beautifully with a proposed windfarm out in the bay. Again, he came out with endless grandiose statements about how Ireland loved him and how he was great for Ireland. And our media lapped it up.

Turnberry followed and people in the golf world started saying he was good for golf. ARE YOU MAD! He is not good for golf: he is good for the elite, rich people who want this incredibly plush and totally unrealistic golf experience. That is less than 1% of golfers… less than 0.1% I suspect. And it pushes golf backwards as non-golfers see all this coverage of the elite element of the game… something the rest of us are trying to get away from. We want people of all shapes, sizes, creeds, ages, sexes, races and classes to take up this game we love… and when they see Trump, and how he is ‘good for the game’, they are going to run a mile.

Then he gets on the Presidential trail and we see him for what he is. A media whore who can’t stand to be out of the limelight for one minute and will make the most disgusting and outrageous comments to get back into the media’s eye.

Well, his comments about Muslims – on top of those about women and Mexicans – have proved a bridge too far for many.  The R&A are now saying that the Open Championship will not be played at Trump Turnberry in 2020, dashing Donald’s egotistical dreams of handing over the Claret Jug on the 18th green and being the centre of attention. You can read that story in the (British) Independent newspaper. I imagine his business dealings in the Middle East aren't going too swimmingly, either.

Great Britain has started a petition to ban Trump from setting foot on the island again (um, isn’t that why he’s in so much trouble in America… for wanting to ban people from entering a country), and I have noted calls on Twitter to boycott his Doonbeg course in Co. Clare. I’d agree with that, only the impact is never going to be felt by the man it is designed to hurt. Instead, it would only hurt the employees at Doonbeg and their families and the local community.

Why? Because Trump would find some rationale for why people were boycotting his course… we’d have been radicalized, or we’d be Mexican or Muslim, or we’d be poor. We used to call Bertie Ahern the Teflon Taoiseach… well Donald’s the Teflon Trump. Nothing is going to stick to him because he has put himself on a pedestal and believes that he is better than us. Scratch that… he believes he is better than everyone. Everyone.

Why? Because he’s an expert in absolutely everything. How do we know this? Because he tells us he’s an expert every single effing day!  

We don’t love you Donald… we laugh at you. And God help America if they actually vote you into office. Scratch that… God help the world... because then the joke's on us!

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