Sunday, May 31, 2015

Are You Addicted to Golf?

The green, green grass of home. Window seat (F) offered
the best views of one of my favourite Irish courses.
Someone once asked me the simplest of questions:

How do you know when you're addicted to golf?

Let me count the ways...

There are two obvious answers:

1. Whenever you walk in a park, walk past a park, see a field, stand in a garden or just glimpse a small sliver of green between some trees, you ask yourself: what club would I hit here?

2. Whenever you're flying somewhere, you want a window seat so you can look out and spot golf courses on take-off and landing.

There are dozens of others of course - I have noticed that every jacket and pair of trousers I own is now guaranteed to have at least one tee lurking in a pocket (that, and a dog biscuit) - so if you feel like contributing, let's hear how you know you're addicted to golf.
It'll be her dog biscuit, so ask nicely.
Best answer wins a prize: a tee... and a dog biscuit.


  1. Oh the golf balls in the dishwasher ⛳️😂

  2. When your wife asks if you want to play around you say yes and grab your golf bag!

  3. When you never take your golf bag out of your boot so you are always ready to play